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Do Tim and Gary Oldman really write messages to each other on their body parts?

Yes, at one time they did. This is because, according to Tim, that's the best way they could communicate with each other with their busy lives. Some history: In a magazine interview, Gary Oldman was asked to name certain people who he found to be attractive, Tim Roth being one of them. Tim must have read this, because Tim wrote something on his arm (or his head?) that read something along the lines of "G.O. I think you're sexy." Oldman then on the cover of the May 1994 UK edition of Premiere wrote on his arm, "Tim Roth I think you are sexy too!" Then in the April 1995 issue of Detour, Tim wrote on his forehead, "Gary Oldman Let's Do It." In the September 1995 issue of Bikini magazine, Eric Stoltz can be found covering a woman's breasts that read, "Tim Roth -- Stop Writing On Your Face" The next page of this article has Eric Stoltz smoking a cigar, frowning, with "Tim Roth?" written on his forehead. Many of these pictures can be seen on this web site.

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