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(Tim's wearing a grey T-shirt, cream/stone colored trousers and a big black jacket. His hair is long and slicked back like in Captives)

Toby Amies: Like Gary Oldman and Johnny Depp, Tim Roth has made his directorial debut with a very dark film, detailing terrible family strife. The War Zone concentrates on child molestation and features powerful performances from both established and virgin talent.

TA: When you were thinking about making your first movie, were there any other scripts that you were interested in, or was it pretty much this the whole way?

TR: This was the first thing that I came across . . . Within two weeks of me deciding 'ok!' and then my agent saying 'I'll put it out that you're looking for stuff' . . . And this was it. It was a book. It was a novel and we just got to work on it.

(Clip from film plays)

TA: What did you learn from Mr. Winstone on set?

TR: It almost wanted to make me give up acting in a sense--when you see somebody that is that good.

Ray Winstone: He was a first time director and for a first time director--for any director--he's made a fantastic film. I'm very proud of it.

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