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If you don't know how the celebrity chats on America Online work, let me explain so that this transcript makes more sense. The celebrities are "on stage" and people in the audience can send in questions that are chosen (I believe) at random, but the celebs don't chat one-on-one with the fans. The people in the audience are put into chat "rows" that hold about 25 people. The numbers that precede each person's comment indicate the row number that they're in.

After the official chat with Tim Roth "on stage", he went into the rows for another hour or so to chat more personally with his fans. What follows is the transcript from this. As you'll see, it was a very relaxed yet exciting atmosphere for all the fans as Tim answered more questions, chatted, and got to show off his great sense of humor.

Orange: (2)Tim's here!

Jcooke13: (2)Hey TIm, can I go drinking with you sometime when you come to CHicago

Satiria: (2)Maybe we could all three corner him in a private room :)

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)so when does the show start

RothTim: (2)I'm still here...suckers.f

RothTim: (2)ire away.


MaLkNoX420: (2)I worship you, Tim Roth.

Satiria: (2)COOLLLL

ISRAELLITE: (2)i love you Timmy

Orange: (2)I love you tim!!!


Satiria: (2)Tim---what film in S. Carolina??????

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)how do you know it really tim

ABugay678: (2)first time on this ...... pretty cool

Satiria: (2)Please tell me so I can be an extra!! I live here!

RothTim: (2)we're trying to shut off instant messgaes, hold on.

Jcooke13: (2)Do you smoke stogies Tim?

ISRAELLITE: (2)i want you Timmy

LstBeatle: (2)wow youre actually in this row, tim

MaLkNoX420: (2)I live in Columbia, SC... where do you live, Satiria?

Satiria: (2)Columbia!

LstBeatle: (2)how come he's being silent

Satiria: (2)Tim rules!

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)how do you know its really him]

Orange: (2)they're trying to turn off his IMs

Satiria: (2)I HAVE FAITH!

ISRAELLITE: (2)Tim you are the best

MaLkNoX420: (2)I have faith.

Jcooke13: (2)DUh Bobby

Schalott: (2)wow you're here...:-)

LstBeatle: (2)he IS IN HERE

MaLkNoX420: (2)Great Minds Think Alike


ISRAELLITE: (2)Timmy you are the best

Jcooke13: (2)Ok folks, he is in here, relax now

Satiria: (2)TIM - MaLK and I need to know what film in S.Carolina!

ABugay678: (2)they're turning off the instant messages for Tim

LstBeatle: (2)no they arent

RothTim: (2)im hell here


RAGNEA: (2)whats up ABugay678


ABugay678: (2)Just got home from a meeting and walked on in here.....my first time...and you???

Jcooke13: (2)Tim, when you come to Chicago, where do you go drinking?

RothTim: (2)hey can't answer anything, I'm inundated with IM's

LstBeatle: (2)IM "$im_off"

MaLkNoX420: (2)stop IMing him and he'll be able to talk to us all...


RothTim: (2)when I'm in Chicago, where don't I go drinking, that's the question.

ABugay678: (2)Tim,,,,, you don't drink ........do you?????

RothTim: (2)One ssep at a time

RothTim: (2)hic

Satiria: (2)TIM--What film in S.Carolina. Where are you filming?

LstBeatle: (2)mr. roth, send an IM to "$im_off" to turn off IMs

RAGNEA: (2)hello tim i am a big fan

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)you have too many thing going at once huh tim

Jcooke13: (2)WIll you go drinking with me in Chicago(I'll buy)

RothTim: (2)hold on a second, we're turning it off...

ISRAELLITE: (2)tell Timmy----what film ?

Rossevelli: (2)Oh, look Orange... that Tim guy is in here. How odd.

Orange: (2)I have converted everyone I know at college into huge Tim Roth fans

Enygmaniac: (2)heehee.

Jcooke13: (2)His name is Tim Roth, Rossevelli

Satiria: (2)she knows

Orange: (2)it was sarcastic

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)who tim

ISRAELLITE: (2)leave

Enygmaniac: (2)tim is god

Rossevelli: (2)Hm. Really?

Satiria: (2)God is Tim?

Orange: (2)my screensaver says that!

Enygmaniac: (2)or very close to it.

RothTim: (2)the film I'm doing is called Animals.

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)no tim is not god

Enygmaniac: (2)HAHAHA, it would.

LstBeatle: (2)Animals?

PICKLE69: (2)Did you like TUPAC?

Satiria: (2)where in S. Carolina?

ISRAELLITE: (2)when Timmy?

Rossevelli: (2)So, what's it about? ::squint::

RothTim: (2)Yeah, he was a great guy.

RothTim: (2)Satiria: That would be telling.

RAGNEA: (2)hello tim i am a big fan

Enygmaniac: (2)Mr. Roth, what is your favorite movie that you have acted in?

Rossevelli: (2)South Carolina's great for whitewater rafting...

LstBeatle: (2)Gridlock'd was really meaningful- i thoight it was great.

Schalott: (2)hey, I'm doing the stage version of Aaron Sorkin's "A Few Good Men" wanna come?

RothTim: (2)Hi, RAG.

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)do you like the animals MR. Roth

Jcooke13: (2)Tim, who aer the best partiers in Hollywood?

RothTim: (2)Sounds fun, Schalott.

Satiria: (2)I've worked on a few that came through here before

RAGNEA: (2)do you ever go to branson mo

Schalott: (2)Its in Ann Arbor at the Univ. of Mich, please come, I'd be honored!!!!

LstBeatle: (2)It was really realistic too.

Enygmaniac: (2)Hi Tim, would you ever pierce your tongue?

LstBeatle: (2)doubt it

RothTim: (2)I'd never pierce my tongue. Too visible

ISRAELLITE: (2)Tim i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

RothTim: (2); )

Enygmaniac: (2)would you pierce anything?

RothTim: (2)To Israelite: But we've never met.

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)so where did you learn to type

LstBeatle: (2)calm down israellite

Rossevelli: (2)Satiria, it's not haaard to be an extra. I snuck onto a set and they let me stay.

ISRAELLITE: (2)can we

Satiria: (2)Tim I think you like me :P

Rossevelli: (2)Of course--it could be frowned upon by some law enforcement...

EZFiend: (2)Tim - you a punk in real life or do you just like playin them?

Schalott: (2)Will you please come to "A few good men" we open March 14...

Orange: (2)Would you ever consider meeting a large group of your fans gathered to watch your movies

Orange: (2)for a weekend?

RothTim: (2)\-/.....drinks are on me.

Sqwurrly: (2)N-E-Hoo....I'd just like to say, Tim you are a very good actor. How did you start acting?


Rossevelli: (2)Reeeally? Where shall we meet?

Jcooke13: (2)Schalott, he ain't gonna come

Satiria: (2)Good Idea

RothTim: (2)I started acting as a joke in high school.

JKupfer311: (2)Pass one here Tim

Sqwurrly: (2)cool

Satiria: (2)What's your full name, Tim?

Orange: (2)a group is gathering in Indiana, maybe

Jcooke13: (2)Tim ,what is your drink of choice?

RothTim: (2)Rossevelli: Meet you in the Married Romance chat room...

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)what kind of part do you like to do the most

RothTim: (2)teehee

LstBeatle: (2)HAHA

RothTim: (2)What do you suggest?

ISRAELLITE: (2)Tim how old are you?

Schalott: (2)I know, but it was worth a try huh? I mean hey, if Tim Roth actually came my life would

Rossevelli: (2)Allll riiiight. :::purr:::

RothTim: (2)35

Schalott: (2)be worth something...A

LstBeatle: (2)too many questions! dontcha think?

RothTim: (2)age/sex check...


Enygmaniac: (2)hahaha

LstBeatle: (2)14/m

MaLkNoX420: (2)22/f


RAGNEA: (2)20-f

PICKLE69: (2)16/f

JKupfer311: (2)17/m

Satiria: (2)24/F

Sqwurrly: (2)15/f

Rossevelli: (2)Er... a bit young for ya, Tim--17/F.

Schalott: (2)18/f

Enygmaniac: (2)213, alien

RAGNEA: (2)kinda


LstBeatle: (2)14/m

RothTim: (2)35/six hundred pounds/66DD/Transexual on line...any takers?

Satiria: (2)Bunch of young fuckwits in the room

Rossevelli: (2)Y'know, my niece saw Res Dogs last night... I think she's having problems now.

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)he said teehee

LstBeatle: (2)HAHEHE

EZFiend: (2)Tim are you really a BAD-ASS or just a Damn Fine Actor???

Enygmaniac: (2)ROFLMAO

RothTim: (2)I have a bad ass...but I'm on medication.l

Rossevelli: (2)LOL

Satiria: (2)native tongue

Orange: (2)LOL

JKupfer311: (2)lo

Jcooke13: (2)lol

JKupfer311: (2)Tim are you really married?

Enygmaniac: (2)LOL

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)what actress do you acting with

RothTim: (2)Yes, I am . How about you?


LstBeatle: (2)How do you go "On Stage" in here, tim?

RAGNEA: (2)i am married

ISRAELLITE: (2)Lucky lady

RothTim: (2)I like to think so, yes.

JKupfer311: (2)Tim, who is your favorite actor?

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)do you have any kids tim

Satiria: (2)how many? names?

RothTim: (2)plenty of favorites.

LstBeatle: (2)Is "RothTim" a temporary screen name or are you going to keep it?

RothTim: (2)three kids.a

RothTim: (2)all boys.

Enygmaniac: (2)names?

Satiria: (2)furtile :)

Schalott: (2)by the way...I could get you a free ticket to my show. Really, I have connections that way

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)i have 2 grils

RothTim: (2)No, I think I'll keep this name.

RothTim: (2)Really good for anonymity.

LstBeatle: (2)cool

MaLkNoX420: (2)heh

Enygmaniac: (2)i think it's a good name. :)

Rossevelli: (2)Tim...d'ya let yer kids see ya films? Or d'ya think dad getting cut in half is a bit much?

RAGNEA: (2)tim i love you!

EZFiend: (2)Tim Hangout in NYC often??

LstBeatle: (2)was that sarcasim or what

Orange: (2)Don't you own a bar in NY?

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)are your kids spoiled rotten

RothTim: (2)My eldest was unset during Reservoir Dogs. He does impressions of all the characters.

Schalott: (2)Tim, make it to Detroit or Chicago often?

RothTim: (2)Orange: No, it's just a vicious rumor.

ISRAELLITE: (2)Tim come to Michigan..please

Enygmaniac: (2)I wish!

LstBeatle: (2)I played Mr. Orange for Halloween!!!!!!!!!!

Satiria: (2)whoa...nice impressions

RothTim: (2)I was in Chicago earlier in the year. Last year.

MaLkNoX420: (2)Do you have a computer at home? Are you into the Net or AOLing as a hobby?

RothTim: (2)LstBeatle: Where are you?

LstBeatle: (2)DC

Rossevelli: (2)My niece was set to tears during Res Dogs... 'course she IS 7...

RothTim: (2)I was in a bar in NY on time on Halloween and all the Reservoir Dogs walked in. It was

RothTim: (2)very funny.

Jcooke13: (2)RothTim, does your son act out Mr. Blonde's ear seen?

Rossevelli: (2)Did they notice you?

LstBeatle: (2)LOL

RothTim: (2)No, but he does the dance.

Orange: (2)LOL

Jcooke13: (2)lol

Satiria: (2)cute

Rossevelli: (2)Think he's taking after ya?

Schalott: (2)Ok, I have exams tomorrow but this beyond being too cool to pass up...:-)

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)do you have a big house

RothTim: (2)big enough.

Satiria: (2)do you have a brain?

LstBeatle: (2)Damn straight Scgalott

MaLkNoX420: (2)big enough.

RothTim: (2)Satiria: It's questionable.

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)do you like horse

Satiria: (2)talking to Boby - didn't mean to offend

LstBeatle: (2)horse?

Enygmaniac: (2)Tim, do you like green eggs and ham?

RothTim: (2)hang on a sec...

Schalott: (2)so we all pause too...hee,hee

LstBeatle: (2)thats dumb, enygmaniac

Satiria: (2)the sound of silence

Enygmaniac: (2)i don't care.

Rossevelli: (2)Chatting here's gonna get me into trouble too... No. Check that. I AM in trouble.

BOBYBGRIGR: (2)i was just asking a question

ISRAELLITE: (2)Ilove this guy

Satiria: (2)the sight of silence?

RothTim: (10)ho hum

Teamboy1: (10)hey tim

Jcooke13: (10)Long time no see

Teamboy1: (10)yea

RothTim: (10)hi, Orange. following me?

Orange: (10)hey tim. I followed hope you don't mind. I'm not psycho or anything

Enygmaniac: (10)hi tim

LstBeatle: (10)I found you tim

RothTim: (10)hi, all!

LstBeatle: (10)were just obsessed

Enygmaniac: (10)orange, just loves you

Rossevelli: (10)I followed you too. We're like a big happy family, eh?

Rothie6058: (10)hola

Parrk: (10)Hello everyone

MaLkNoX420: (10)hi!

RothTim: (10)nice name, Rothi.

Enygmaniac: (10)i have a reason to be obsessed, i'm maintaining a page of Tim!!

Orange: (10)this is the closest I'll ever get to meeting you

LstBeatle: (10)"rothie"?

Rossevelli: (10)Well, honestly, I've got no other option. Tis this... or learn lines. Feh.

RothTim: (10)so what's new?

Teamboy1: (10)hi

Rothie6058: (10)er, thanks... it was my last name until recently

Rossevelli: (10)Ya mean since the last room we were in?

Teamboy1: (10)o well see ya later tim

Parrk: (10)Hello Tim...I loved Rosencrantz

RothTim: (10)by, Team.

Jcooke13: (10)RothTim, Do you answer e-mail? If yes, what is your address?

BOBYBGRIGR: (10)6mns baby

MaLkNoX420: (10)What's your opinion on the legalization of marijuana, Tim?

Enygmaniac: (10)Tim, care to play a game of questions? :)

LstBeatle: (10)Enyg?

RothTim: (10)legalize it, I say.

DavidIMGOD: (10)Sorry about the IM's Tim. CAn I call you Tim? No? Sorry Mr .Roth.

Schalott: (10)I followed you from row 2...just call me a stalker :-)

RothTim: (10)waht's the big deal.

Parrk: (10)with pot?

MaLkNoX420: (10)Ask the bureaucrats...

Teamboy1: (10)becarefull roth

Rossevelli: (10)I guess if you chose to be a psycho stalker... it's better to do it thru the computer.

LstBeatle: (10)why do you type perfectly on stage but sloppily here?

Rossevelli: (10)But only if the celebrity doesn't mind.

Schalott: (10)Hey, another reason to come to Ann Arbor, we have HASH BASH every spring...its legal then

Parrk: (10)Its all in your head...

RothTim: (10)these aren't my fingers, and my typist is exhausted...

BOBYBGRIGR: (10)when did you start acting

RothTim: (10)you're wearing her down.

Rossevelli: (10)Schalott, honestly?

Parrk: (10)Tim...ever been to Texas?

DavidIMGOD: (10)Because when you're on stage, you're supposed to be perfect.

Jcooke13: (10)RothTim, Where are you now? on a set, home?

JKupfer311: (10)Tim, how many projects do you have planned?

Rossevelli: (10)Wow. I'm allergic to it... but still. Wow.

Schalott: (10)yup!!!!! Its a Unov. of Mich. tradition...along with the naked mile...

LstBeatle: (10)oh weird- what are you doing that you need a typist?

RothTim: (10)David: It's all an illusion.

GeauxKrewe: (10)hi tim

Rossevelli: (10)I got a lit joint tossed in my hair at a Bush concert; shall never be the same.

RothTim: (10)talking to you guys

LstBeatle: (10)Why cant you type?

GeauxKrewe: (10)loved Captives

RothTim: (10)ouch

RothTim: (10)one finger typist online

GeauxKrewe: (10)ouch?

Parrk: (10)Do you not type well?


RothTim: (10)gives me time to think

Rossevelli: (10)Understatement, Tim.

Enygmaniac: (10)he's tim, he doesn't have to type.

LstBeatle: (10)uh-huh

GeauxKrewe: (10)yeah

Parrk: (10):)

LstBeatle: (10)hey typist

RothTim: (10)I'm outta here...thanks for the fun.

GeauxKrewe: (10)love you

LstBeatle: (10)bye

RothTim: (10)hey, lstbeatle.

Rothie6058: (10)bye

Parrk: (10)bye

JKupfer311: (10)see ya

GeauxKrewe: (10)bye

Jcooke13: (10)Bye tim

DavidIMGOD: (10)Could you send me an IM, Mr. Roth? see? Mr. Roth

MaLkNoX420: (10)goodbye!!!

Orange: (10)bye tim!! Thanks for the great time!!

Schalott: (10)Tim--what's your advice to a would-be actress who's afraid of her possiblities?

Enygmaniac: (10)ok, bye tim. thanks and ome again!!!

Enygmaniac: (10)please?!?!?!

DavidIMGOD: (10)I'm Respectful

LstBeatle: (10)still in here?

Orange: (10)I can be respectful too, Mr. Roth

RothTim: (10)best advice is don't take advice from perfect strangers.

Enygmaniac: (10):)

RothTim: (10)bye, bye, kiss kiss...

Rothie6058: (10)good one... well put

LstBeatle: (10)YEP

Parrk: (10)me too :)

DavidIMGOD: (10)Ignore him

Jcooke13: (10)Have a brew on us

Rossevelli: (10)Aw, Tim. Bye....

RothTim: (10)and then aI was gone

RothTim: (10)poof...

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