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AOLiveMC9: Welcome Tim Roth!

AOLiveMC1: Hiya, Tim!

SnDnceLive: Fire away.

AOLiveMC9: Here is the first question:

Question: For Tim Roth: I really liked your work in "Vincent & Theo" - do you have any future plans to work with Altman again?

SnDnceLive: Hope so...but he's more in the Hollywood scene now.

Question: Any chance of a film with Kevin Spacey??

SnDnceLive: Love to.....he's always busy though......one of the best is our man Spacey.

Question: Hi Mr. Roth. You have worked with two modern day comic masters--Woody Allen and Tom Stoppard. What the most important thing each taught you about the art of comedy?

SnDnceLive: They both work in a very different way......Woody is very freeform....Tom is all about the script (accepted samurai.....but watch it!!!).

Question: Do you ever go online? besides these chatting events?

SnDnceLive: yeah...a lot....with varied personalities!!!

Question: I truly enjoyed your portrayal of the troubled Cunningham in "Rob Roy." Most of the characters you portray seem to be very trouble. I just watched "Four Rooms," which was your favorite room in that feature?

SnDnceLive: The uncut version of Rockwell's room.

Question: How do you think "Gridlock'd" did at the festival last night?

SnDnceLive: It's on tonight..........you a psychic?

Question: Do you feel that "Heart of Darkness" should have received more attention? Does it disappoint you to see films you make not get their just deserves?

SnDnceLive: When the film is out there it's up to you guys....I just hope for the best and move on.

Question: Who was your idol? or fav actor/actress?

SnDnceLive: Robert Duvall.....Harvey ........

Question: Did you and your fellow "Pulp Fiction" cast members have a feeling that the film's elements were coming together in a way that would make it a classic film?

SnDnceLive: Nah.....we just shot the script.....

Question: I loved your work in everything I've seen you in. What would you regard as your most complex character to date? And what character do you have the most affection for?

SnDnceLive: Did a film made in Britain....first time out so most affection for that... most characters are complicated.... thanks mom for the gorgeous comment.

Question: Welcome to AOL... Did you enjoy working with Julia Ormond in "Captives?"

SnDnceLive: Julia was on the brink of stardom at that point so it was a pleasurable experience... I am everywhere.

Question: Do you find that big budget studio films lack the originality that one finds in indies?

SnDnceLive: You bet'cha.

Question: I loved "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead." I watched it in a graduate class in a study of "Hamlet," and it may be my favorite film that you've done. What was that project like, and have you been involved in any Shakespeare productions?

SnDnceLive: I've done "Othello" before, I played Casio, but that was my only experience with it.

Question: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

SnDnceLive: Hopefully still working...

Question: Hello Mr. Roth. I recently saw "Return to Waterloo." Did you enjoy working with Ray Davies? Do you think his music background influenced the way he worked as a director?

SnDnceLive: Wow! Didn't think anyone had seen that, Yeah it was a fun time all Yes. Absolutely (to part two).

Question: Tim, what does Harvey Keitel whisper in your ear in "Reservoir Dogs?"

SnDnceLive: Wanna Beer?

Question: Does acting take up a lot of time, or do you live a pretty normal life?

SnDnceLive: Acting is pretty much all of it.

Question: Mr. Roth, I would just like to know, who has been the most enjoyable person to work with?

SnDnceLive: Robert Altman, would come pretty high on the list, but I have enjoyed working on all of them.

Question: Does Mr. Roth still have interaction with Mr. Tarentino, and if so are there any future plans for a movie?

SnDnceLive: Yes, I'm directing a film this year and he's directing a film at the same time, so it would have to be a cameo.

AOLiveMC9: We have time for one more audience question.

Question: You always seem to play the bad guy, and a good one at that, is your role in your upcoming film with Tupac any different?

SnDnceLive: Yeah it's very different The bad guys seem to be roles that stand out, but this is a different kind of film.

AOLiveMC9: Thank you very much for joining us online today Tim Roth!

SnDnceLive: Thank You I look forward to doing it again soon, especially with Samourai and Neil

AOLiveMC9: Good night Tim Roth, thank you! Thank you for your questions audience. Good night everyone.

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