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Tattooed Tim

By Brandon Judell

Tim Roth is happy, not because the first film he's ever directed, War Zone, won two awards at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival (and we may be seeing him at the Oscars). Nor is it because this renegade British star (nominated for an Oscar for Rob Roy) is set to appear in Numbers, a new comedy also starring John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow. In fact, it's not work at all, but his beautiful personal life that's the cause of his contentment -- bountiful with babes -- offspring, that is. Roth has already got three kids -- and a tattoo for each one -- and he wants more. "For me, life is about children right now," Roth explains. Does that mean we can expect to see him getting even more tattoos? "Yes," he laughs. "Now that I'm finally able to put a roof over their heads, send them to school, and look after them. Finally." This relief comes on the heels of a long-held fear of unemployment, he confides. "All of us have it, however successful," he says. "but I think I'm finally okay. Even now if it all stopped, I've taken care of my kids and they'll be okay." While success has eased his mind on this score, the downside of being successful for Roth is the inevitable loss of privacy that goes along with it. "I don't want to be a superstar. It's hard. That's one thing nobody really banks on. Yeah, I always wanted to be famous when I was a kid, but when it actually happens, it's bloody hard to deal with. It's hard on my family. It's hard on me." Roth says he's met people who are what he calls "really famous, not like me, but properly famous" and seen the stress they go through. He's grateful, for example, that he can still go shopping with his family at holiday time. "People tend to give me a great deal of respect," he says, an although he does run across the odd person who won't leave him alone, "generally most people let me be." Don't expect that to last too long, Tim. You're too good an actor (and director!) to no become "properly" famous, too.

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