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(Visuals: Picture Tim, hair slicked back, clean-shaven, brown sweater, gray pants and combat boots. He's very fidgety, very nervous, bites his lips, makes faces, crosses and uncrosses his legs several times, all the while playing with his sleeves)

Dave: Ladies and gentlemen, here he is, Tim Roth! Tim?

(Tim enters to music and applause)

Dave: How ya doin' Tim?

Tim: I'm good.

Dave: Pleasure to meet you! Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself. First, tell us about your connection with Quentin Tarantino. Reservoir Dogs and then also Pulp Fiction, how did that association start? And, these are interesting parts . . . (notices that Tim is playing with his sleeves) What're you doing? Stop that. (Tim slouches in his chair and winds his hands together, causing Dave to look exasperated. Tim stops.) The one where you bleed to death and the other one where you're holding up the diner, how did that begin, how did that association start?

Tim: Um, really, really boringly.

Dave: That's the wrong answer tonight, Tim!

Tim: Okay! (both laugh) Um, my agent sent me the script, and immediately, the first couple of pages I just thought 'This is brilliant.' You know, this is the sort of film you want to come to America and be in. So I bled to death and I got the job and . . . (mumbles)

Dave: That also is the wrong answer tonight, Tim.

Tim: Oh, thank you very much! (both laugh)

Dave: Where are you from originally?

Tim: From London.

Dave: London?

Tim: Yeah.

Dave: And when did you come to the United States?

Tim: I came about four or five years ago.

Dave: And live now in Los Angeles?

Tim: Yeah. Getting the west coast race.

Dave: I'm sorry?

Tim: Getting the . . .

Dave: Getting the west coast race. Exactly. Good for you.

Tim: But you know what? This city will kick that city's ass.

Dave: Of course, how can it not? (cheers and applause) Now, this movie, Rob Roy. I know nothing about the movie. But, I think, we're all familiar with Rob Roy the cocktail. I've got about eight in me now!

Tim: Yeah, you'd be ready. (giggles)

Dave: But he's a mythical character. I mean he's a real man, from Scotland, and, uh, legendary.

Tim: Actually, he was about 5'5", with bright red hair, so Liam is the perfect casting for that.

Dave: Liam is a huge man, is he not?

Tim: Liam's about 6'5", with . . . great knees.

Dave: Now, tell us of Rob Roy the man and what he means to the folks of Scotland.

Tim: He was a rogue. He was an absolute . . . I suppose it's the Robin Hood thing, in that he scuppered the rich, that was his . . . that was his job in life.

Dave: What era are we talking about? What year?

Tim: 1700's, early 1700's.

Dave: That's good, and are people enjoying the film?

Tim: I think so . . . hope so. (gives a double thumbs up to the audience, looking dopey, then looks at the band, where Slash from Guns 'n Roses is standing) Slash! (looks at Dave) This is great!

Dave: You having a nice time?

Tim: (laughing) I'm having a great time!

Dave: That's good.

Tim: (regains his composure) You're going to London soon, right?

Dave: Yes, we are. We're going to London the second or third week in May. Looking forward to it, really very excited about it. London is a wonderful city. "To not love London is to not love life."

Tim: I'm with you.

Dave: George Bernard Shaw.

Tim: Thank you very much.

Dave: You know what else George Bernard Shaw said about love?

Tim: Hmm?

Dave: You can't start it like a car and you can't stop it with a gun.

Tim: Really . . . (throws an odd look at Dave, smiles, and nods)

Dave: Speaking of love, I understand your wife is expecting, congratulations.

Tim: Yes!! (smiles) Yay! Um, it's a bit worrying. I'm here, and I should be there.

Dave: How far along is she?

Tim: She's got about three weeks left.

Dave: Oh, good heavens! Why yes, by all means . . .

Tim: Yes! (mocks getting up and leaving)

Dave: Is this your first child?

Tim: Um, no . . .

Dave: (pulls his hands into his jacket sleeves) Don't teach the kid to do this.

Tim: (slaps his sleeves down) You got sleeves, you use 'em!

Dave: (laughs) Well, Tim, it certainly was a pleasure having you on the program, congratulations. Good luck with the baby. Good luck with your career. Please, come back and see us again sometime.

Tim: I'd love to.

Dave: Tim Roth, ladies and gentlemen!

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