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Filthy Looks: Tim Roth

By Sylvia Patterson

A few years ago in a random survey among friends on the general 'appeal' of Tim Roth, one ventured the following theory: "He looks like he'd be really filthy in bed."

"Ho, ho," we hooted and added absolutely nothing at all, because we just knew that Tim Roth, in his films, is a Bad Man with pervy eyes and the steadiest hand on the warmest gun; a charismatic man's man who definitely Does It in lifts and in your mother's kitchen while she's trying to talk to you about your grandmother's sheltered housing plans through the serving hatch. In real life he's a small man with a big nose and we all know what that means, don't we?

Later, in an interview, I put my friend's theories concerning filth in general, and his filth in particular, to tiny Tim Roth. He looked up from his hotel sofa (he really is that small) and said, "Tell your friend she might be right about that one. Eheheheheheh".

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