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Tim Roth Speaks at UCLA

By Michael Dequina, posted to the newsgroup alt.fan.tarantino on February 9, 1996 about Tim Roth's visit to UCLA on February 2, 1996.

Tim Roth made an appearance here at UCLA last Friday (2/2). Here's the lowdown, from the 2/8 issue of my weekly e-mail movie publication, The Movie Report.

2/2/96 -- Tim Roth at UCLA

The very talented Tim Roth, best known for his roles in Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms, and Rob Roy, was honest, open, and all-around charming during his appearance for the Campus Speakers program, unlike last week's aloof Oliver Stone. Although a number of questions were of the "What was it like to work with...?" variety, Roth obviously enjoyed himself, making that goofy Ted the bellhop expression (which I could not help but laugh at) giving a number of interesting insights into his work and himself in general.

On Four Rooms: "I enjoyed making that film much more than I did watching it; I hate what they did to it in the editing room."

Fave Four Rooms director: Alexandre Rockwell.

On Quentin Tarantino: "Working with Quentin is like coming home."

On the secret to working with Madonna: "You have to get in her face. Too many people tiptoe around her."

On THE QUESTION: "A battery and a lamp."

To a fan who said he saw Reservoir Dogs 12 times: "You're sick."

Secret to a good audition: "Get drunk."

Hobbies: Playing pool and drinking.

Favorite drink: Light beer at a bar; tequila "when I really want to get drunk."

On nude scenes: "I'll never show my willie to anyone."

He related a couple of interesting anecdotes, the most intriguing being one about the Four Rooms wrap party, during which he got drunk and put on Madonna's black rubber dress and sang "Like a Virgin". One of the funniest happenings at the event was when a guy offered him a role in a student film right then and there. Amused, Roth said, "That was really cool. I don't condone it, but that was cool."

"Cool" would probably best describe him. As soon as the Q&A session was over, I was the only person to approach the stage, asking him to sign one of his Rob Roy trade ads. He gladly obliged. Seeing that he did in fact sign, a crowd then came to the stage, and he signed for every single person. I gave him a letter, and he accepted it, thanking me a couple of times, right when I gave it to him and as he made his exit behind the curtain, holding it up and smiling at me.

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