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In March 2005, Channel 4 aired the Banned season, a series of films and documentaries examining the history of censorship in the UK. Tim Roth provided introductions for many of the films shown. Below, you'll find MP3 audio files of these introductions, provided very graciously by Introduction to the End.

Movie Clips

Four Rooms
The Perfect Husband
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Rob Roy
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead


  • captives1.wav (32.6K)
    Philip: (kiss)...beautiful...(kiss)
  • captives2.wav (73.1K)
    Rachel: Temporal mandibular joint dysfunction.
    Philip: I was just saying that to the boys.
  • captives3.wav (20.1K)
    Philip: She broke my heart.
  • captives4.wav (116K)
    Philip: I've been calling all night. Are you there...listening?
  • captives5.wav (31.2K)
    Philip: I've haven't been close to anyone.
  • captives6.wav (20K)
    Philip: I have to go.
  • captives7.wav (14.9K)
    Philip: I'm risking my liberty here.
  • captives8.wav (35.7K)
    Philip: Let's go outside.
  • captives9.wav (149K)
    Philip: Pain really.
    Rachel: Upper or lower?
    Philip: Both.
    Rachel: In front--
    Philip: And back. And a funny clicking.
  • captives10.wav (32.7K)
    Philip: It's what we spend half our lives doing, reading each other.
  • captives11.wav (42.9K)
    Philip: I want to be with you. I want us to be together.
  • captives12.wav (444K)
    Philip: In the morning when she got up, she got out of bed, she looked back at me, and she smiled, and I thought, 'she still loves me.' I could smell the scent of her in the room while I was waiting for her. She was two hours late, and I knew. I knew there was someone new in her life, like I'd been once.

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  • deceiver1.wav (436K)
    Wayland: Do you consider yourself intelligent?
    Braxton: What?
    Wayland: Are you smart? Do you think of yourself as a smart man?
    Braxton: Well...Smart as the next guy, I guess.
    Wayland: Why? What makes you think this? I mean, what gives you the right to decide whether or not I'm a truthful person? You don't seem particularly insightful to me. I'll bet you didn't even make it out of community college.
    Braxton: Look at it this way Wayland, you ain't got a choice. Trust me, son, I'm qualified.
    Wayland: Qualified. Hmm. Well, that's comforting.
  • deceiver2.wav (319K)
    Braxton: Is this your card?
    Wayland: No.
    Braxton: Too obvious?
    Wayland: Yeah.
    Braxton: How 'bout that one?
    Wayland: Nope.
    Braxton: Sure it is.
    Wayland: No, I'm serious, that's not my card. Mine was the ace of spades.
    Braxton: You picked the ace?
    Wayland: It's so crazy, I thought it just might work.

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Four Rooms

  • 4rooms1.wav (432K)
    Ted: Your dad says he hates babysitters...doesn't trust 'em. Well, can't say I blame him, really. You know what my babysitter did to me when I was a kid? I used to hate going to sleep. You know, it's late, you wanna get up, run around, go crazy? Well, what my babysitter used to do to me to make sure I stayed in bed and wasn't tempted to get up, was, she'd take some of this Vaporub...
    Kid: (cough cough)
    Ted: ...and she'd dab a little on each eye, just to make sure I'd stay put. There. Now, you have some, too. Don't open your eyes, or it'll burn, burn, burn.
    Kid: What about in the morning?
    Ted: Well, if you keep your eyes shut tight, all night, it'll wear off by morning...but don't open them before then!
    Kid: Did you ever open your eyes?
    Ted: Yes I did. And look at me now.
    Kids: We can't.
    Ted: Exactly!
  • 4rooms2.wav (6.29K)
    Ted: Hello, Betty.
  • 4rooms3.wav (42.2K)
    Ted: I haven't got a problem. I've got fucking problems -- plural.
  • 4rooms4.wav (303K)
    Ted: Well most recently, there's Room 309. There's this scary Mexican gangster dude poking his finger in my chest. There's his hooligan kids snapping their fingers at me. There's a putrid, rotting corpse of a dead whore stuffed in the springs of the bed. There's rooms blazing afire. There's a big, fat needle from God knows where stuck in my leg infecting me with God knows what. And finally there's me, walking out the door, right fucking now. Buenos Noches.
  • 4rooms5.wav (9.89K)
    Ted: I've got to get out of here!
  • 4rooms6.wav (549K)
    Ted: The name's Ted. Yes, my mother did me the service of naming me Theodore, and I haven't a clue as to how you know that because everbody who knows that is thousands of fucking miles away! Have you any idea -- the faintest idea -- what it's like to arrive at school and find yourself surrounded by the maladjusted? And there you stand: Little Lord Fauntelroy. Ever worn a bonnet? Give it a try sometime. So, shoot me now, because no one is ever going to call me Theodore again! Let alone, Theo the Thumper.

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The Perfect Husband

  • husband1.wav (20.6K)
    Milan: Ask me to stay.
  • husband2.wav (38K)
    Milan: I'm completely in love with you, you know.
  • husband3.wav (68.2)
    Milan: Ever since I first saw you, I've been dying of desire for you.
  • husband4.wav (136K)
    Milan: I think I should leave. I think I should go away.
  • husband5.wav (26.9K)
    Milan: I love you.
  • husband6.wav (41.7K)
    Milan: I'm only leaving 'cause you asked me to.
  • husband7.wav (137K)
    Milan: I just wanted to say, I have never been so moved by the sight of a woman before.
  • husband8.wav (110K)
    Milan: Well, perhaps if I'm a beggar, you'll be nicer...to me.
  • husband9.wav (56.5K)
    Milan: Course it hurt. There are some things in life you have to pay for.
  • husband10.wav (106K)
    Milan: There's no such thing as small gain if it involves risk.

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Pulp Fiction

  • pulp1.wav (137K)
    Honeybunny: You know when you go on like this what you sound like?
    Pumpkin: I sound like a sensible fucking man, that's what I sound like.
    Honeybunny: You sound like a duck. quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack.
  • pulp2.wav (9.36K)
    Pumpkin: Garcon, coffee!
  • pulp3.wav (16.5K)
    Pumpkin: Everbody be cool, this is a robbery!
  • pulp4.wav (25.9K)
    Pumpkin: Be cool, honeybunny, be cool.

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Reservoir Dogs

  • resdogs1.wav (70.1K)
    Mr. Orange: Fuck you! Fuck you! I'm fucking dying here, I'm fucking dying!
  • resdogs2.wav (121K)
    Holdaway: This better not be some kind of Freddy joke, man.
    Mr. Orange: It's no joke. I'm in there. I'm up his ass.
  • resdogs3.wav (24.9K)
    Mr. Orange: Motherfucker! I'm trying to watch the Lost Boys.
  • resdogs4.wav (132K)
    Mr. Orange: Don't pussy out on me now. They don't know. They don't know shit. You're not gonna get hurt. You're fucking Baretta. They believe every fucking word 'cause you're supercool.

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Rob Roy

  • robroy1.wav (86 K)
    Cunningham: Love is a dunghill Betty, and I am but a cock that climbs upon it to crow.
  • robroy2.wav (21 K)
    Cunningham: What are you gibbering about?
  • robroy3.wav (646 K)
    Cunningham: My mother could come no nearer than three candidates for my paternity: the Earl of Rutland (now there's a name for a whoremaster), a secretary to the Spanish Ambassador, whose name she hazarded as Ferdinando, and some young buck she never saw who raised her skirts at a masked ball.
    Betty: He ravished her!
    Cunningham: I would put it no higher than surprised.
  • robroy4.wav (379 K)
    Cunningham: I will tell you something to take with you. Your wife was far sweeter forced than many are willing. In truth, put to it I think not all of her objected.
  • robroy5.wav (186 K)
    Cunningham: You are a carbuncle on this ass of a country, Killearn, and if you ever inform against me to His Lordship again, I will squeeze the pus out of you with my bare hands.
  • robroy6.wav (17.1 K)
    Cunningham: I've come for the outlaw Robert McGregor.
  • robroy7.wav (31 K)
    Cunningham: We will have him soon enough, mark me.

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Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

  • rosguil1.wav (86.4K)
    Guildenstern: The law of averages, if I've got this right, means that if six monkeys were thrown up in the air long enough, they would land on their tails about as often as they would land on their--
    Rosencrantz: Heads.
  • rosguil2.wav (186K)
    Rosencrantz: Do you think death could possibly be a boat?
    Guildenstern: No, no, no. Death is not. Death isn't. Take my meaning? Death is the ultimate negative. Not being. You can't not be on a boat.
    Rosencrantz: I've frequently not been on boats.
    Guildenstern: No, no. What you've been is not on boats.
  • rosguil3.wav (91K)
    Rosencrantz: We're just not getting anywhere! Not even England. And I don't believe in it anyway.
    Guildenstern: In what?
    Rosencrantz: England.
    Guildenstern: Just a conspiracy of cartographers, you mean?

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