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Agent Orange

By Matt Rodbard

Dark Water's Tim Roth plays hardball with the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T33 digital camera.

Muddy Waters?

"Making Dark Water was an odd experience. The script was incredibly creepy, but during filming I couldn't tell if it'd be scary to audiences. I haven't actually seen the final cut, and I never saw the Japanese original. It should be intense, though -- there's just something in Japanese culture that inspires filmmakers to go down these incredibly strange roads."

Movie Set Tech

"Waiting around on sets is a mind-numbing thing, so I always bring lots of DVDs and a portable player. Right now I need to watch Kill Bill: Volume 2. I was with Quentin [Tarantino] when I saw the first one, so that was fun. I also watch movies when rehearsing for any roles that require an American accent. I'll put on Gary Oldman in State of Grace; he reminds me that a Brit can play a New Yorker. But I don't like speaking 'Californian.' The accents are too tricky, because they talk with all these hard R's."

Camera Critique

"I arrived in Italy to start work on my new movie, The Decameron, the day the Pope died, and had to dodge thousands of tourists while at the same time seeing the sights with my wife and kids. The Cyber-shot camera really came in handy. It has a nice design and a great zoom, kinda like my Canon EOS. My only problem with it is that I tend to lose or break small things. I'm always dropping my cell phone. But this camera seems sturdy and could probably take a few bangs."

Please, What's in the Briefcase?

"Sorry, like everyone else connected to Pulp Fiction, I'm sworn to secrecy. But you just know the answer will eventually make its way onto an Internet blog someday. I really do enjoy reading what people say about it online." Editor's note: Rumors of what's in the attache case range from the Ark of the Covenant to alien life forms, although actor Samuel Jackson has been quoted as saying: "When I looked inside between scenes, I saw two lights and some batteries."

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