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Piss and Tell

By Ava Robertson

Steering clear of the boutiques and Botox of Yorkville, Tim Roth spent much of his summer hanging out with the demimonde in Kensington Market. The British-born actor and director (known for roles in Pulp Fiction and Invincible) was in town shooting The Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton and William Hurt and was spotted enjoying Pedestrian Sundays and frequently perching on the patio at Ronnie’s Local 069. A local in every sense of the word, Ronnie’s is a grubby, cozy dive, typically mobbed with market mavens. The diminutive Roth -- unshaven and often sporting camo cargo shorts -- fit in nicely. No drawers-dropping Colin Farrell-esque antics for him: according to regulars, Roth was unfailingly polite, accompanied by a lone assistant (as opposed to a dozen handlers) and thoughtful enough to leave his table to take cellphone calls. Refreshing, in this era of celebs behaving atrociously, to have such an unobtrusive somebody in our midst. The only evidence of his presence was some new bathroom graffiti (punctuated with little hearts): "Fucking Tim Roth Fucking Pissed Here."

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