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Britain's Sexiest Film Stars: Tim Roth

By Charlotte Moore

"I love it. Now Thatcher and all that shit's over, it feels like a better place." Tim Roth is sitting in a Soho pub, half a lager in one hand, Marlboro Light in the other, describing what it feels like to be back in London. He has a home in Los Angeles, and for the past year he's been filming in Europe. But, more recently, he's been putting the finishing touches to his directorial debut. Straight out of the Nil By Mouth school of realism, War Zone is a film about incest. Not the most commercial of subjects. "It doesn't matter to me. It matters to other people, but I made it for myself and I think that's important."

In the beginning, Tim Roth was just as single-minded. "Those guys -- Ray [Winstone] and Phil [Daniels] and Bob [Hoskins] -- you kind of thought if they can do it, anybody can. They weren't from the RSC. They were people that looked like your neighbour." He sees a similar spirit in today's new breed of British actors. So much so that he's considering moving back to London for good. "I'd like to work with Ewan," he says. "I met Rufus Sewell the other day, he was very nice. I just wanna work with good actors. I don't want to deal with that starry bullshit."

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